1:1 Prayer Project

1:1 Prayer is an opportunity for the citizens of the community to actively pray for their first responders on a daily basis.  The first responders include local police
officers, sheriff’s deputies, firefighters and EMS who place their lives in harms way serving their community.  Many of our first responders are exposed to potentially life and death situations each and every day along with dealing with serious crimes involving victims of crime. These kinds of situations take a
toll on many of the first responders and some of them turn to alcohol and drug abuse. Some even become suicidal because they believe that no one cares.
1:1 Prayer is a project allowing the power of prayer to encourage our first responders and let them know that there are people who care and are praying for them each and every day. The 1:1 Prayer goal is to have someone or a group of people who will commit to praying for the first responder daily as well as sending a card or note to them monthly as a reminder that they care.

1:1 Prayer Requirements

As a 1:1 Prayer partner, we ask that you pray for the first responder by name every day. We ask that you send a note of encouragement to the first responder monthly. The notes will be sent to the agency where the first responder works. You can include scripture but please do not evangelize to the first responder. Please do not send gifts or religious material, just notes of encouragement. As a first responder participating in the 1:1 Prayer project, a prayer partner will be assigned to you that has agreed to pray for you daily. They will send you a written note monthly as encouragement. They will not try and evangelize or encourage you to attend their church but may send you scripture verses as part of their encouragement. Each prayer partner package purchased for $20 will include two challenge coins and 4 cards (see samples below). One coin will be kept by the prayer partner and the other will be sent to the first responder. This will be a reminder to pray for the first responder and a reminder that someone is praying for them.

1:1 Prayer is based on Ephesians 6:10-12 “The Whole Armor of God” and John 15:13, “Greater love has no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends”.


  • How do I contact the first responder I am praying for?
    YOU DON’T. Even though the first responders appreciate the prayers, some may not feel comfortable for the special attention for just doing their jobs. The only contact will be through notes and cards unless the first responder asks to meet those praying for them. Please do not invite them to events. We encourage the first responders to spend time with their families on their off time and may feel guilty if asked to attend an event and have to decline.
  • Do prayer partners need to give their names or organization?
    Yes, you may. This will add a personal touch for the first responder. You do not need to give your home address, phone number or email address.
  • Do I have to use the cards given by 1:1 Prayer or can I buy my own?
    Yes, you may buy your own, but please do not include anything in the card except words of encouragement.
  • What if I decide I can no longer pray for the first responder or the first responder does not want the prayer partner praying for them anymore?
    You will notify the 1:1 Prayer coordinator and they will either assign another prayer partner or remove them from the prayer list. This program is voluntary and not mandatory. At any time if either party becomes uncomfortable with the program they can opt out.

If your agency or department needs more information or wants to become a part of the 1:1 Prayer please do not hesitate to contact us.

What if I have additional questions not covered?
Please contact;
Chaplain John Gallups at [email protected]
Chaplain Steve Smith at [email protected]