Chaplain Gallups serves the men and women of the Wetumpka Police Department, United States Secret Service, and the Elmore County Fire Fighters Association.

Occupation: Sr. Investigator with AIG/GIS.

Education / Training / Experience: Chaplain Gallups has had 30 plus years of investigation experience including 12 years with Montgomery Police Department, 20+ year in the fire service, and 10 years with the Wetumpka Police Department as a chaplain. He is an approved Instructor for the International Conference of Police Chaplains, and an Instructor for the Federation of Fire Chaplains, and an AHA CPR Instructor. He is also certified in ICISF specialized training in Induvial & Group Crisis Intervention, Law-Enforcement Perspective, and Pastoral Crisis Intervention, Trauma Care, Human Trafficking, and Officer Involved Shootings. He is the State of Alabama Chaplain coordinator for ALEA in Peer Support. He is a denominational endorsed chaplain with the North American Mission Board.

Awards, Recognition by professional organizations, military, etc.:

Chaplain Gallups graduated from the Montgomery Police Academy in 1985.

Hobbies: In his leisure time, Chaplain Gallups enjoys scuba diving, cruising, and hunting.

Clubs and Organizations: Chaplain Gallups is a member of the International Conference of Police Chaplains (ICPC), Federation of Fire Chaplains (FFC).

 Family Life: John has been married his wife Angie for the past 20 years. His son David is a staff sergeant with the United States Air Force, and his daughter Ashlee is a registered nurse. He has three grandchildren Elijah, Ruby and Holly.

Church you attend: Mountain View Baptist Church

Favorite scripture: Chaplain Gallups is a “BBFOJC” (If you would like to know what that is just ask him?) His favorite Bible verse is John 14:6. Jesus answered, “I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through Me.

Why I chose to be a chaplain: As a chaplain, I have a passion to share the hope that is in Jesus Christ and His cross. I have been in law enforcement and fire service for 20+ years. I worked alongside these peers for a long time now. I have experienced what causes the stress in my fellow brothers and sisters. More police officers and firefighters die from suicide than line of duty deaths. In 1987 I got to a point in my life where the stress level had built up without any release that I was about to take my life. I realized God had a more specific plan and direction for me. This is one of the reasons I became a chaplain.  Chaplain Gallups is the founder of 1:1 Foundation, a nonprofit organization that is dedicated to helping first responders identify the stressors of the job and learn how to manage them.